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"Music is a rare form of art that reaches out to others during its creation – people build connections, develop trust, and learn to work as a team, all properties that extend far beyond the realm of arts education and into real-world scenarios." 

Improvisation Clinics with Bryan Baker at music conservatories, University of Malmo & Gothenburg, Sweden


Aaron is available for instrumental lessons on Saxophones, Flute, Clarinets, and Piano, and in Jazz Performance, Improvisation, Music Production, Recording, Songwriting, and Theory/Composition.

Aaron teaches at Maine Academy of Modern Music, The Breakwater School, Scarborough High School, Westbrook School Department, Biddeford High School's Regional Fine Arts Program, Fiddlehead Center for the Arts, and through his own private studio.

Interested in taking lessons? Click below to find out more.

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